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Why You Should Hire An SEO Company

If you’re looking at launching a website for your business or amping up your online presence, you may have heard of SEO or search engine optimization. If you want your website to be at the top of the search results, SEO is critical to understand.[Read the Full Article]

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The Value of Frequent Updates

Information seemingly surges throughout the internet on a constant basis, and while it can feel like info-overload, it’s simply a reality of our modern online climate. While some of that data and content are effectively noise, the outcome of this incredible abundance is that useful websites–such as home[Read the Full Article]

Year End Special

Call Today at 1.866.356.8198! Call today to learn more about our Year End Special! Hurry before the special expires! When you sign up with our web team you will receive all of the following: Design Content Mapping Social Media And General Webmaster Labor We provide[Read the Full Article]

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SEO and Content Marketing

A Fast Guide to Content Marketing & SEO Often when clients come to us they have been searching for help with internet marketing for a long while, possibly even years. And in the process people are often left confused about what internet marketing companies are[Read the Full Article]

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Do broken links matter?

The Damage of Broken Links When it comes to your web presence, every single little detail counts. That is why our team at Nolen Walker works so hard to ensure our clients have a flawless online presence. Part of ensuring your website is operating properly[Read the Full Article]

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New Year, New SEO

Start the New Year Right Here at Nolen Walker our goal is to help small, local companies succeed online! As a new year begins, allow us to be part of your businesses’ new year resolution. We are excited to help small businesses optimize their services to[Read the Full Article]

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5 Red Flags of a Bad SEO Company

What to watch out for in SEO Last week in our blog we outlined the reasons why it is beneficial for a business to hire an SEO company. However, we recognize that many people are hesitant to even talk to us because they have been[Read the Full Article]

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The Evolution of the Keyword

Related Ideas Matter Keywords have been a hot topic of SEO for many years. And once upon a time the internet was rampant with keyword stuffed sites. This content purposely repeated the same keyword phrases again and again in a hopes of tricking search engines[Read the Full Article]

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Does Web Design matter?

The Importance of Design to SEO Imagine walking up to a business in town. You just found this company and you are interested in their services. But as you pull up to the building you see weeds throughout the parking lot. And the front of[Read the Full Article]

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Tricking Google: Fact or Fiction

How Smart is Google? For years, people have employed tricks to gain the favor of Google and wind up on the first page of their search results. And often today, many shoddy SEO companies still employ these same tricks. So the question remains, how smart[Read the Full Article]

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