Apple Orchard SEO

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School Trips Often Visit Local Apple Orchards

Plenty of people enjoy a trip to the apple orchard, but some have a hard time finding the best available farms. What’s the reason for this? A lack of SEO on many apple farm websites. If you are the owner and operator of an apple farm, you can really take advantage of the current scarcity involving SEO in your industry. With few orchards taking digital marketing seriously, you could pick up quite a bit of new customers through local search on Google. All you need is apple orchard SEO from Add Positions. We cover the full spectrum of online marketing, including:

  • Google Maps / My Business
  • On Page SEO
  • Off Site SEO
  • Website Design

Apple picking can be an event for individuals, families, and even classrooms full of children. The best way to attract all these kinds of consumers is through search engine optimization. The first step is claiming & optimizing a Google My Business account and verifying its address via postcard. From there, a custom website should be designed, optimized with content and on page SEO, and then further strengthened through off site signals like social media and NAP citations. Putting these things in place can make you an outlier in the apple picking industry.

Custom Apple Orchard Websites

A look at apple orchard websites can be discouraging. Many of them look like they were developed during the Clinton administration and using dreamweaver on MS Dos. This might’ve worked when Jordan played for the Bulls but today it just looks unprofessional. Add Positions provides custom web design to apple farmers throughout the United States. We implement various features so that your site not only appeals to the target consumer, but to Google as a search engine, as well. Some of the methods and processes we implement include:

  • Mobile Optimization
  • Responsive Design
  • Schema Markup
  • Semantic Markup

Much of the “magic” of a website’s SEO happens behind the scenes, on what is known as the back-end. This involves coding like HTML & CSS that only a professional designer or programmer would be able to interpret and construct. There’s some services that now offer ready made web templates for businesses like yours, but they lack the SEO potential of a custom design with clean HTML, and fresh structured data. Schema markup helps enhance your search result and show features like 5 star aggregate review ratings, among other things.

Attracting Local Apple Pickers

The most important part of digital marketing for local businesses is Google Maps optimization which coincides directly with Google My Business optimization. The two are intertwined and both become a part of your Google home page. Most searches today come from mobile devices — smartphones in particular, and results on mobile are customized based on the searcher’s radius in relation your business location. That’s why it is critical to A) list the correct business address and B) become visible on the local 3 pack. For those unaware of the phrase, it refers to the 3 Maps listings that show up on a Google search. To get on the local 3 pack, you must do this:

  • Claim Your Business
  • Optimize Your Profile
  • Publish Monthly Posts
  • Verify Your Address

Don’t forget to use the same address on your website and Google My Business page. When the two addresses match identically, Google registers a uniform location, and places more trust in your establishment. Once you have a claimed and optimized business, don’t forget to pursue Google Reviews. You can do this by asking apple pickers to leave a review on their way out. You can also include a promotional card in your gift shop with every purchase. Be careful to not incentivize reviews financially, since that is a violation of Google’s standards. They want legitimate reviews from real people.

Add Positions Does it For You

Does it all sound like a lot of work? Too much work for a full time apple orchard operator? If so, Add Positions is here to help. We do all of the things described on this page for our apple orchard SEO services. That’s right, you don’t have to worry about any of it. We will build your custom website, write its content, optimize it for search, and maintain your Google My Business. All we need from you is cooperation in verifying your address and access to your existing Google accounts (if you have them).

We provide two payment plans from which you can choose. First is month-to-month (MTM) which requires a fixed payment at the conclusion of each calendar month. This is a good plan for orchards who already run a very successful business but want to enhance it. Our other plan is pay-per-lead (PPL) which requires payment only after an exclusive lead is generated. PPL is ideal for newer farms, who are trying to establish a name for themselves. With PPL, you avoid much of the risk by paying for results only. Call 866-356-8198 to discuss the plans in more detail.