Barber Shop SEO

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SEO Helps You Market Yourself as a Barber

If you’re wondering how to build barber clientele you’ve come to the right place. Add Positions offers barber shop SEO services which help small businesses rank on google search results. As you may or may not be aware of, most new consumers find their barber via local search. This means to appear on their radar, your website and business listing must be established on Google Maps as well as organic search results. Achieving both should be part of your larger barber shop marketing plan. SEO involves far more than researching and implementing keywords. It’s other aspects include:

  • Custom Website Design: Clean coded web design customized for your business specifically
  • Domain Authority: A website’s optimization extends to external sources, like quality inbound inks
  • Quality Content: High end content written by in house professionals with excellent grammar
  • Schema Markup: Inclusion of microdata tags for optimal Google crawling

So where can a barber find a marketing company to handle each of these tasks and more for an affordable price? Right here at Add Positions. Because of our belief that SEO is not a singular task but rather a synergistic collection of various techniques, our services reflect as much. By signing on with us, your barber shop can enjoy all the benefits that come with a full digital marketing campaign. That includes ranking on local results, particularly on Google Maps, as well as appearing on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Call 866-356-8198 for barber shop SEO services.

How To Brand Yourself as a Barber

In today’s market, word of mouth can only take you so far. Barbers must brand themselves digitally if they are going to thrive in 2019 and beyond. Part of that involves a custom website design that reflects the ideals and style of your services. Another aspect is social media, as we’ve seen many barbers and stylists post pictures of their clients on Instagram and Facebook, which can generate buzz for your shop. The great news is that Add Positions can help with each and every aspect of your branding development. Some of the most important brand elements are:

  • Facebook: Live video of you on the job, perhaps cutting a well known clients’ hair
  • Instagram: Posting your cuts on IG and generating likes and comments
  • Logo: The design, and proper implementation of your logo on your company website
  • Outreach: Developing notoriety through external associations, including press releases & blogs

So many resources are available to barbers looking to increase brand awareness. The problem is time management. To have a brand worth promoting, most of your dedication must go to the craft of hair-cutting itself. That’s why companies like Add Positions exist, to help barbers like you focus on your talents, while we convey them most effectively to consumers. I’m sure you know of competitors who do lower quality work but generate more leads. How are they accomplishing this? Through superior marketing strategies. Partner with us to overtake them like you should.

Call 866-356-8198 for barber shop SEO services from Add Positions