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Add Positions Offers Clown SEO for Entertainers

Everyone needs a source of income, and for some people, one of those sources is being a birthday clown. Children’s entertainment is a pretty profitable industry if you can establish a few things. One of those things is trust and the other is reputation. Because you will be performing for children, it’s imperative that you have a history of good behavior and are a law-abiding citizen. Furthermore, you must have references who can vouch for your character. In today’s climate, parents do not want any malcontents around their children. And rightly so. But if you have the references and history required, how do you go about starting your clown business? The answer is birthday clown SEO from Add Positions. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Custom Clown Website
  • Local SEO (Google My Business & Maps)
  • On Page SEO with Clown Keywords
  • Off Page SEO with Clown Links

If you have each of those listed above, along with the prerequisites mentioned before, you have a decent chance at making money as a birthday clown. You may want to market yourself as a children’s entertainment service, which is perfectly legitimate. In cases like this, you might have a team of people, including clowns, magicians, musicians, and zookeepers. Children tend to also enjoy smashing pinatas with aluminum baseball bats, so if you have pinata production as part of your service, there’s no downside. If you are in charge the people in your service company, you must hold themselves to the same standard as yourself. That means an extensive background check and zero tolerance precedent for poor behavior.

How Long Until Clowns Make Money?

It depends how long you’ve been in business and whether or not you have any kind of online presence. The keyword clowns for birthday parties near me is searched around 500 times per month and has a relatively low difficulty. That means an opportunity exists for newcomers to the business. For brand new websites, you should probably still estimate a 6 month period before you rank on page one, to be cautious. But keep in mind, because of the low competition, you could rank even sooner. Much of it will depend on the quality of your website design, search engine optimization, and local business listing. Here’s what you can estimate:

  • Month 1: Establish a custom website and business listing
  • Month 3: Appear on top 3 local listings (depending on market)
  • Month 8: Appear on page one for long tail keyword searches
  • Month 12: Appear on the page one for money keywords

*results may vary

There’s no guarantees in the world of online marketing, so everything is an estimate or projection. The best you can do is invest your money in a reputable and proven SEO firm. The quickest way to fail at your business is to attempt shortcuts like building a Wix website and naming your URL something like Google would prefer not to rank this as a reputable business result. Instead, they will turn to competitors in your market who have followed best practice and have a more professional looking presentation and therefore a higher click-through-rate (CTR). If you’re unfamiliar with SEO, there’s help available.

Dominating The Birthday Clown Market

Because of the opportunity available online, it’s realistic to dominate the birthday clown market within 3 years. This business is sustainable based on both the keyword research and the qualitative industry projection. Some forms of entertainment have been replaced by digital technology. For example, board games have turned into interactive TV games. But an interactive clown is not yet reliable enough to replicate the presence of a real entertainer. One thing that we know is sustainable is birthdays. Parents of children will continue to celebrate birthdays and will require entertainment to make the experience as memorable as possible.

By 2021, you could have leads pouring in from the children’s entertainment and birthday party business because of the opportunity present on Google organic search. This could be a once in a lifetime chance to dominate the birthday clown market. Most times, clowns work multiple jobs to sustain their business model, but if the company transitions to a full-fledged children’s entertainment agency, there’s unlimited potential involved. That means the possibility of quitting your 8-5 to become a clown is not a pipe dream. If there’s an SEO agency ready to help you achieve that goal, they go by the name of Add Positions. You can call 866-356-8198 for birthday clown SEO.