Church Outreach SEO Marketing

Spreading the word is a passion for many churches throughout the United States. One way to modernize and maximize the process is through SEO which is short for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a digital marketing technique that involves refining your web presence for optimal Google rankings. The technique is wide ranging and covers everything from claiming your
Google My Business page to placing high volume keywords within your main website. Add Positions provides church outreach marketing SEO services to fellowships across the nation. Churches can benefit from SEO in the same way they did print marketing and televangelism. But we work with all denominations and not only evangelicals. Here’s what you’ll get with SEO:

  • Custom Website
  • Google Maps & My Business
  • On Page Optimization
  • Off Site Optimization

One thing you’ve probably noticed about churches that attract the most parishioners is that they have an outstanding online presence. You may not be able to put your finger on exactly what they’re doing, but you know they’re doing it, because you see them everywhere. Add Positions exists do make that it part of your church as well. You too can outreach in the way that you see megachurches do by investing in online marketing services. The goal of SEO is to drive relevant traffic to each of your digital assets, whether it be your main website, your Google Maps listing, or one of your various NAP citations throughout the world wide web. Call 866-356-8198 to get started with church outreach SEO.

Church Marketing Websites

Church Outreach SEO Marketing Graphic

Invest in a Website To Help Spread The Word

The website itself will be the foundation of your web presence. We customize each design to fit the theme, ideals, and mantra of the church. That means you are a big part of the design process. What you tell us about your place of worship is what we will integrate into the design. But that’s only from a visual and thematic standpoint. In addition to that, we design each church website with SEO marketing in mind. That means our goal is to rank your website as high as possible on Google for relevant keywords. You might wonder how design ties into that. Here’s how:

  • Mobile Optimization: Optimized mobile experience (they make up the majority of visitors)
  • Schema Markup: Microdata tags that communicate to Google what your site is about
  • Technical SEO: The code base can be optimized for search by being clean, sleek, and fast

Not only is your website valuable as a standalone entity but also as a connector of all of your online marketing profiles. Your Google My Business, Google Maps, Facebook, Instagram, etc .. will all be linked directly to and from your primary website. Without a strong foundation, none of the other profiles can reach their maximum performance. Google likes to favor brands in 2019. So the best way to establish a brand is to create a custom website and affiliate it with your other marketing channels. In fact, in a perfect scenario, when someone types your church name into Google, they will see all kinds of results about your church and be able to connect the dots and perceive them as belonging to a single brand.

Bringing Your Vision To Life

Videos, Podcasts, YouTube Channels … these are a few of the multimedia opportunities that exist for churches online. At Add Positions, we can integrate each of these concepts with your website and overall online presence. Our goal is to translate your vision to digital format. Take a moment to imagine the amount of progress you can make by investing in these forms of multimedia. The best part is that Add Positions connects all of it together as one cohesive campaign. When you work with Add Positions, the sky’s the limit for church outreach and digital marketing. Aside from the SEO components we mentioned before, these multimedia ideas can also be integrated:

Mission trips can take church leaders all over the world, but it takes time, travel, and heavy expenses to accomplish. As a way to keep the momentum from those trips going, you should allow the word to travel through the multimedia channels listed above. Through a strong digital marketing foundation, you can reach people all over the world through interactivity and connectivity. Add Positions takes our duty of maximizing your web presence very seriously, and look forward to working with churches and their leaders in bringing to life the ultimate vision for outreach and marketing expansion. Contact Add Positions today to learn more.