Commercial Painting Leads

Commercial painting professionals perform a necessary and valuable service. Whereas clients will hopefully recommend your company to others, you must also provide for your own marketing if you want your company to survive. There exists a great deal of competition for commercial painting contracts. To elevate yourself over the competition, you need to literally raise your Google search ranking. At Add Positions, we provide the easiest way to achieve new commercial painting leads through our digital marketing services.

When most people need a commercial paint job, they turn to Google to identify quality firms. If your business fails to appear on the first page of local search listings, then you have a problem. Often enough, potential customers will never venture beyond the initial page of results This means that, for all intents and purposes, your business simply does not exist for these clients. To solve this issue of exposure and generate quality service leads, consider a partnership with Add Positions.

SEO for Superior Commercial Painting Leads

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SEO Generates Commercial Painting Leads

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the process in which we make your website rise through search rankings. Many elements, including your website’s structure, keyword content, and even your social media, combine for comprehensively advantageous SEO. At Add Positions, we perform the following services as part of ongoing digital marketing campaigns.

  • Local SEO: When a potential client searches for commercial painting services, Google attempts to match their location with nearby contractors. Local SEO represents the process by which we ensure Google matches you with potential clients. Local SEO involves geolocation data on every single page of your website, along with your business’ correct appearance in Google Maps.
  • On-Page SEO: Many of your site’s internal elements contribute to improved SEO. In addition to the aforementioned geolocation information, we make sure every page contains adequate, relevant keywords, in addition to other details such as supportive photo tags and headers.
  • Keyword Research: When it comes time to assign keywords, we do not make our clients pick from a limited selection. Instead, we produce enough content to host the appearance of all relevant keywords. Successful keywords are identified through many characteristics, including keyword volume, difficulty, and relevancy. We are also skilled at predicting client intent, and generate leads that are truly ready to hire commercial painters.

The Quality Solution for More Leads

At Add Positions, our goal is to create enough leads to fill the schedules of our clients. If you need the assurance of steady business,  wide exposure, and more commercial painting leads, give us a call today at 866-356-8198. We’ll start with the custom design of a new website that supports superior SEO through its very structure. From there, our writers provide the exceptional content you need to impress potential clients and acquire links from external sources.