Day Care Marketing

Proper SEO for your day care business represents an indispensable element of web design. When you consider the importance of your service and the trust that it requires, it makes sense that many parents will extensively research day cares before they make a decision. Thanks to this propensity for local searches, your website absolutely needs proper SEO and day care marketing to stand out from the competition. At Add Positions, we are SEO experts that will not rest until your site sits atop the local search rankings.

If you’ve heard other marketing companies claim that SEO is wholly dependent on keywords, then you were misinformed. Search engine optimization relies on many factors, including keywords, proper contact and location data, social media management, and the composition of your site’s coding elements. At Add Positions, we perform excellent work over every aspect of SEO. To learn more or begin service today, call 866-356-8198.

Elements of Successful Day Care Marketing

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Day Care Facilities Can Benefit from SEO Work

Add Positions performs exceptional work over every aspect of your business’ SEO. Each client receives the benefit of custom web design, along with an original, effective logo. As for local mapping services, we make sure every page on your site contains a mention of your location. We also create individual city pages for every other area that you serve. As for social media management, our team can assume control over your accounts to make sure of adequate posts and positive outreach.

Keywords exist at the very center of our SEO efforts. In order to choose the most valuable keywords, our writers seek to emulate the search intent of potential day care clients. This means choosing keywords that don’t merely describe your services, but approximate the terms potential clients would actually use in a local search. This can require extensive research, and represents an effort our team seeks to take off your plate. The keywords we choose must satisfy several different factors.

  • Intent: As mentioned above, our keywords serve to anticipate the intent of relevant searchers.
  • Difficulty: A keyword’s difficulty rating shows hard hard it is to achieve a top ranking. Less competitive, more targeted keywords are generally preferred to the broadly defined terms with high difficulty levels.
  • Relevance: Our keywords represent an honest reflection of your day care’s various services.
  • Volume: Higher volume keywords are those searched most often on Google. A high volume represents a favorable value, but not one that should supplant relevancy or intent.

Reach Out to Our Team

Our expertise in the choice of keywords reflects years of research and effort. Unlike many SEO companies, we do not simply present a list of keywords for a client to choose from. Instead, we optimize sites for every relevant keyword we can find. The quantity and quality of our content makes this possible, as our writers develop separate pages to reflect the importance of every identifiable search term. If you would like to experience the value of our day care marketing for yourself, reach out to us today at 866-356-8198.