Fine Art SEO

Marketing is a necessary effort for the success of practically any product. For specialized items with a limited buyer demographic, marketing becomes even more essential. When it comes to bang for your buck, digital marketing greatly outclasses traditional options like print ads. For the wealthy clientele that tend to purchase fine art objects, interaction through social media and solid search engine optimization stand as excellent strategies to foster a connection.

At Add Positions, we’re a full service digital marketing company that specializes in SEO. Starting with the website, we custom build marketing strategies that correctly anticipate buyer search terms. With our help, your gallery or auction house can maximize the effectiveness of geolocation services to reach all potential clients in your area. Furthermore, we can take over management of your social media and ensure a high ranking on Google’s organic search results. If you’d like your business to appear front and center when potential buyers search for fine art dealers, trust the team at Add Positions. To get started, call 866-356-8198┬átoday.

What Is Fine Art SEO?

Fine Art SEO Graphic

Fine Art is in High Demand in Today’s Market

The term “fine art SEO” refers to the practice in which a fine art dealer’s website is optimized to appear in Google’s search rankings. When a potential buyer Googles a product, they essentially perform a local search, where nearby dealers receive preferential ranking. If your website has not been verified with Google Business, or does not have the correct contact information in Google Maps, then you’re missing out on sales.

To correct this issue, turn to the expert team at Add Positions. Among our comprehensive SEO services, we establish your presence in online directories like Google Business, and verify your information in Google Maps. Our team also:

  • Designs Custom Websites: Every business is unique, and has specialized needs in a website. Because of this, we build every client site from the ground up, with clean coding and a clear site structure.
  • Provides Superior Content: In order to accommodate the relevant keywords that connect you with customers, you need solid content for your website. Unlike companies that outsource to untrained freelancers, we maintain a full-time staff of expert writers.
  • Establishes Domain Authority: Domain authority is the metric that sums up your ranking potential. The higher your DA, the more likely you’ll show up near the top of a search. To help develop DA, we create the kind of stellar, authoritative content that leads to backlinks.
  • Utilizes Schema: When a Google crawler begins to index a website, it loves to encounter proper schema. Schema is a data language that describes a website’s structure. Sites with schema markups appear higher in search results.

We’re Ready to Serve

The fine art business offers the satisfaction of compelling merchandise, the invigoration of gallery parties and big-ticket sales, and the gratification of helping artists make a living from their craft. Since everyone has their own tastes, you want to try and develop as wide and varied a clientele as possible. Add Positions makes this easy, as our fine art SEO and digital marketing represent ongoing campaigns. For a steady infusion of new clients, along with expert management of your website and social media accounts, trust the masters at Add Positions. To begin, give us a call at 866-356-8198 today.