Funeral Home Marketing

If you own a funeral home and have wondered how to broaden your client base, Add Positions has the answer. We’re a digital marketing company with expertise in search engine optimization, and we’re ready to dramatically increase the exposure of your business. Today’s consumer uses Google to find just about any service. For the kind of indispensable work that a funeral home provides, location matters a great deal. Service providers that can appeal to potential clients through local search listings stand to benefit from our funeral home marketing.

At Add Positions, we do the work you need for optimization in local search results. Without our help, Google may not know the correct location of your business. This makes it impossible for you to appear in local search listings, i.e., the precise type of listing a potential funeral home client will check. As part of our local SEO work, we also verify your funeral home’s presence in Google Maps. To learn more about our local mapping services, and how this can work to improve your funeral home marketing, give us a call today at 866-356-8198.

Local SEO as Funeral Home Marketing

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Funeral Homes Need Google My Business

Add Positions specializes in local search engine optimization. With help from our team, you can ensure that Google not only knows the location of your business, but ranks it near the top of local service search listings. We accomplish this through a variety of strategies.

  • City Pages: In addition to the city or town that hosts your business, chances are you provide service to the surrounding area as well. In order to appear as an option for these nearby clients, your funeral home needs the benefit of Add Positions’ city pages service. For this, we create a host of city pages that optimize your business’ search results across the local area.
  • Local Business Listings: Some local search directories will grant you much wider exposure to potential clients in the nearby area. We ensure that your funeral home appears in the legitimate directories that clients actually search.
  • Google My Business: The correct appearance of your funeral home’s location and contact info within Google My Business is indispensable for your continued success. Correct info here ensures that Google knows your location for optimal local search returns.
  • NAP: This refers to your business’ critical contact info: name, address, and phone number. In order to optimize your business for potential local clients, we ensure that every page on your custom-designed website contains this information.

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Our SEO services cover many different elements to ensure proper marketing for your business. However, none are as important as local search optimization. No one in need of a funeral home is going to chase deals from an out-of-town service. For this reason, you need the absolute assurance that local searchers not only find your funeral home, but recognize it as a trusted, viable choice for a loved one’s final needs. To learn more about what we offer, or how we accomplish beneficial returns for your business, contact our team today at 866-356-8198.