Furniture Store Marketing

If you own a furniture store that needs a fresh injection of customers, you’ve found an ideal partner in Add Positions. Most of your potential customers will perform a local search to identify preferred furniture stores. Regardless of your history or the quality of your service and products, your store will not appear in a competitive ranking without proper SEO. Search engine optimization serves as the focal point of our furniture store marketing efforts, and represents the process by which a company can rise through search rankings.

When someone performs a search, Google will attempt to tailor the results to the searcher’s location. If you have not had proper SEO work done on your website, you will likely appear far down in the search rankings. Since most potential customers only reference the first page of search results, a lower ranking means that your business might as well not exist. At Add Positions, we do the work your company needs for a search ranking reflective of its quality. To learn more about how we do this, continue reading, or give us a call at 866-356-8198.

The Foundation of Furniture Store Marketing

Furniture Store Marketing Graphic

SEO Helps Furniture Stores Reach Consumers

At the heart of our SEO efforts rests the website. An attempt to optimize a preexisting website will prove fruitless, as proper SEO requires foundational coding elements. Our team of expert designers and writers instead create brand-new, customized web sites for each and every client. As dual-purpose designers and SEO specialists, we can represent your all-in-one solution to needs for both web design and SEO.

  • Comprehensive Customization: Our design team works closely with clients in the development of their websites. We can incorporate all of your requests and design ideas for a site that reflects the uniqueness of your company. We also never use templates, and provide each site with the clean coding structures that Google likes to see.
  • Superb Content: Design counts for little without quality content. Many web designers focus purely on a site’s aesthetics, with content as a secondary concern. At Add Positions, we produce exceptional writing and authoritative content that establishes the legitimacy of your site and business. A greater emphasis on content means that we can also support the optimization of more keywords.
  • Domain Authority: Our exceptional content also allows your site to develop domain authority. Domain authority is a number that indicates the nature of your site ranking, with a higher number indicating appearance closer to the top. To raise your site’s DA, you need external sources to provide links in recognition of your content’s quality
  • Schema: Unless they are also SEO specialists, you can count on many designers to neglect the importance of schema. Schema is a structured microdata language that communicates your site’s structure to Google’s crawlers. A well-organized site endowed with proper schema will to higher search rankings.

All These Service and More

While the above info summarizes our SEO process, it doesn’t cover the full range of our services. We make sure that your business appears correctly in Google Maps, and that every page is optimized for your location. We also produce separate city pages for every community, town, or city you service. Lastly, our on-staff expert can assume control over your social media accounts, and use them as an effective tool for furniture store marketing. If this sounds appealing, it gets even better when you consider our affordable pricing and dedicated customer service.

To learn more about Add Positions, ask questions about our services, or begin a marketing partnership, give us a call today at 866-356-8198. One of our friendly, expert staff members will gladly provide whatever information you need.