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If you own a home theater company, you likely take great pride in your delivery of theater-level sound and video for your clientele. Regardless of the quality of your services, however, prospective clients will not find you without proper home theater company SEO. At Add Positions, our search engine optimization represents an indispensable boon for any business. You may not realize it, but Google works to provide reliable search rankings based largely on a business’ location. Without proper SEO work, clients who perform a local search for home theater companies may not even know you exist.

While some companies relate to keyword optimization as the only necessary service for SEO, we see things quite differently. A single-minded focus on keywords does nothing in regards to Google’s geolocation efforts. When we custom-design a client’s website, we make sure that every page contain correct location and phone number info. We also make sure that this information appears correctly on your Google Maps listing. Both of these practices are indispensable for proper SEO, and still represent only a sliver of what we do. We also provide stellar customer service, and are ready now to answer questions at 866-356-8198.

Custom Design Service for Home Theater Company SEO

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Clean Code Encourages Google to Crawl Sites

Our custom website design represents an indispensable component of our overall SEO services. It also sets us apart from other SEO companies. Our competitors simply optimize the website you already have, whereas our team builds you a custom site from scratch. This provides for a range of benefits.

  • Clean Coding: At Add Positions, we never use website templates. All of our sites benefit from the clean coding structures that Google wants to see.
  • Exceptional Content: Many SEO companies will have you choose from a list of possible keywords. At Add Positions, we go far beyond this with the optimization of your site for every relevant keyword. We’re able to do this thanks to our writing team’s creation of superb content. Potential clients will also appreciate the clearly-written, grammatically correct presentation of your home theater company’s services.
  • Domain Authority: Exceptional content also helps grow your domain authority. DA represents a number reflective of your organic search ranking. The higher your DA, the more likely you’ll appear near the top of relevant searches. With quality content, more external sources are likely to link to your site. This phenomenon, called backlinking, is a major component of DA.
  • Schema Tags: Schema represents a specialized vocabulary that helps Google’s crawlers understand your site’s structure. This benefits a website greatly, and helps raise its organic search ranking. At Add Positions, we employ this vocabulary across every site we build.

Call Us for Unbeatable SEO

As SEO specialists, our primary goal is to help our home theater clients achieve higher rankings in organic search results. This can dramatically increase your exposure, and will generate consistent leads to help your business grow. To learn more about home theater company SEO and how it can help, reach out to our friendly team today at 866-356-8198.