Jeweler SEO

SEO doesn’t mean what most jewelers think it does. The presumption among jewelry professionals is that SEO is a single task that can take an existing website and move it to #1 on the Google Rankings. Sure, every business owner in the country (the world for that matter) would be happy with the #1 ranking on Google SERPs. But it’s more complicated than all that.


Jeweler SEO is actually a wide ranging concept that encompasses many digital marketing techniques. Add Positions is equipped to handle each of them,with a staff of 15 in house professionals who combine for the most diverse skill set available from any internet marketing company. For those that don’t know, here’s what SEO for jewelry stores actually entails.

Jeweler SEO Graphic

Custom Website Design

SEO starts in a website’s coding. Without a customized website, Google is unlikely to prioritize your pages for ranking.

Google My Business / Google Maps Optimization

SEO is not limited to a website, it also involves off page elements like your Google My Business and Maps listing, which will account for a substantial portion of your lead generation.

Keyword Research / Placement

Keywords should not be valued based on their traffic potential, but rather their relevance. Jewelers don’t want users who are looking to make their own jewelry, but rather users who intend to buy jewelry. Buyer intent terms should be placed in content, meta and title tags, etc.

Quality Web Content

SEO is commonly associated with keywords, but unless those terms are integrated within high quality content, written by human and native language speakers, they are useless.

Schema Markup is a coding language that helps Google interpret the content of your website. By implementing schema code, you empower Google to more appropriately market your pages.

URL Structure

Google prefers to rank sites with a logical site hierarchy. That means your site’s URL structure must be user friendly and help users navigate your content seamlessly, in order to find the information they need most conveniently.

Should I Hire Add Positions for My Jeweler SEO Services?

Absolutely. We are a national advertising agency that covers the full spectrum of internet marketing for jewelers. We offer two payment plans which include month to month as well as pay per lead. With MTM plans, you pay a fixed rate for ongoing SEO services for your jewelry company. With PPL, you pay only for exclusive leads generated from your website. We still do all the SEO work, but you pay only after a lead is generated. We’re happy to discuss which plan is most ideal for your business. Call 866-356-8198 for jeweler SEO services.