Marketing for Magicians

As with any business, a professional magician needs the benefit of exceptional digital marketing. In today’s consumer marketplace, people on the search for a magician’s services will undoubtedly turn to Google. While you may have a website, it’s highly doubtful that your original designers supported SEO. Even if they did include certain elements, like keywords, your business was shortchanged the benefits of a comprehensive and synergistic strategy. At Add Positions, we are expert providers of authoritative content, branding services, SEO strategies, and all other elements of digital marketing for magicians.

When a potential client in your area searches for a magician, you want to make sure that your business appears front and center. If you’ve failed to commit to a serious digital marketing strategy, this simply will not occur. At Add Positions, we do the work to ensure your presence in the areas customers search. Through the generation of our exceptional website content, we’re also able to target virtually any keyword relevant to your business. If this sounds like a service you would like to explore further, feel free to call us today at 866-356-8198.

Elements of Successful Marketing for Magicians

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Magicians Need SEO To Make Leads Appear

Most website developers will create a website and leave it at that. Even if your developer promised an SEO strategy, it likely remains unfinished and shortsighted. After all, many website companies view SEO as simply the conglomeration of keywords. While keywords are highly relevant, they do not represent the whole of a healthy SEO strategy. At Add Positions, we’re not only superb website designers, but also fully-fledged SEO experts. Our development of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy covers the following:

  • Custom Website Design: An effective website should not only appear attractive, but also describe your services in an authoritative way. Our clean-coded design appeals to Google’s crawlers, and never relies upon simple templates.
  • Quality Content: The vast majority of websites are light on content and high on imagery. While this may appeal to a searcher’s visual sensibilities, it doesn’t matter if they fail to find the page. Our writers develop content that supports both your expertise and the presence of any relevant keywords.
  • Schema Inclusion: Another oft-overlooked element of successful web design, the organic inclusion of microdata tags from makes your site appeal to Google’s crawlers.
  • Domain Authority: We stop at nothing to achieve more leads for our clients. Another of our strategies provides for the backlinks you need for greater domain authority.

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The whole purpose of a successful SEO strategy is to communicate your talents and strengths to potential customers. As specialists with marketing for magicians, we can promote every aspect of your business, from your personal availability for birthdays and private parties, to the support of a brick-and-mortar magic shop. If you want a digital marketing partner who truly understands both the needs of your business and the secrets of exceptional SEO strategies, count on Add Positions. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us today at 866-356-8198.