Nutritionist Marketing & Lead Generation

If you are a nutritionist, marketing is indispensable for your success. Whereas many in your profession rely on traditional outlets like print ads and signage, you can elevate yourself to another level through our SEO and nutritionist marketing services. The purpose of SEO is to make your website more visible to potential clients. When someone decides they want a nutritionist, they will invariable perform a local Google search. Add Positions can ensure that you appear higher in the search listings, as most people will not venture beyond the first page of search results.

Location provides another important factor of proper SEO. Google will invariably attempt to provide searchers with results that are not only relevant, but located nearby. In order to appear in these results, you need our location and mapping services. We can make sure that your contact info and location appear correctly in Google Maps. We also imbue every page and top level header with location data. If all of this sounds attractive, there’s no reason to waste time. Simply call us today at 866-356-8198, and you can rest assured of more leads and steady business.

Importance of Keywords for Nutritionist Marketing

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Keywords Play a Vital Role in Consumer Reach

The choice of keywords can make or break a company’s digital marketing efforts. At Add Positions, we perform a great deal of research on relevant keywords, and also capture client intent through the choice of terms applicable for your service. The purpose of this is to not only attract the right people to your website, but also make it rise in the Google rankings.

  • Volume: This number represents the average quantity of searches for a particular term over the course of a month. High volume keywords are attractive in that they can attract a wide range of clients. However, broadly defined keywords with a high volume might also dilute the quality of your leads, and attract individuals with no interest in your services.
  • Intent: The correct assumption of client intent can be tremendously beneficial for nutritionists. The nature of your service attracts a very specific person: namely, someone who wants to reevaluate or improve their eating habits. Ideally, your carefully chosen keywords reflect the intent of these searchers, and allow you to capture leads whenever they may appear.
  • Relevance: We also make sure that all of the chosen keywords are relevant in regards to your services. We will never include high volume keywords merely to boost your website’s traffic. Relevant keywords may attract fewer visitors, but those who do appear will almost certainly be in the market for your services.
  • Difficulty: The difficulty of ranking with a particular keyword serves as the last factor in our selection process. Higher difficulty keywords can be a waste of time, as a small business cannot compete with the established companies that have occupied the top ranks.

The Team with Proven Success

If you appreciate the value of well-researched, quality keywords, then we’re on the same page. Our SEO and keyword strategies have a proven record of success. When you partner with us, you can rest assured that the local searches you need for client leads will make their way toward you. To get started on your digital, nutritionist marketing campaign today, simply give us a call at 866-356-8198.