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If you want to grow your piano lessons business and acquire new clients, then you’ve found the ideal partner. As a premier digital marketing company, Add Positions knows how to use search engine optimization (SEO) to grant a business wider exposure to potential clients. Piano lessons SEO is the method by which your business can appear more prominently in Google’s search rankings. Since the majority of potential clients for piano lessons turn to Google to find an instructor, you need to make sure that you appear highly ranked on Google Maps and in relevant organic searches.

SEO represents a conglomeration of strategies to improve your Google ranking. The proper use and placement of search keywords is indispensable to SEO, but does not represent the only concern. In addition to keyword optimization, we provide custom website design with proper coding and schema microdata, along with efforts to raise your domain authority. All of these factors depend on quality content. At Add Positions, we maintain a full-time staff of expert writers whose SEO expertise and general talent grants our clients the benefit of truly superb content. For these services and much more, call our team today at 866-356-8198.

How to Properly Brand Your Business

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Piano Instructors Can Benefit from Local SEO

As with any business, your piano lessons enterprise will benefit immensely from proper branding. Though this may seem unnecessary for a small operation, consider the factors that may influence a potential client’s choice: in the absence of differentiating factors, the service with a recognizable name and logo will typically win out. Word of mouth will only allow a business to grow so much. To achieve permanent, consistent growth, you need proper marketing tied to a recognizable brand. Of course, Add Positions will take care of this as another aspect of its digital marketing service. Important branding elements that we manage include:

  • Facebook and Instagram: These two social media outlets provide the opportunity to connect with potential clients and share the appeal of your lessons. Sharing relevant photos and videos can accomplish a lot in the creation of your business’s brand identity. At Add Positions, we can manage every aspect of a client’s social media presence.
  • Logo: As an indispensable component of web design, we develop a custom logo for every client. Our designers understand the elements that make a logo memorable, and will readily incorporate your ideas and suggestions.
  • Outreach: Continued outreach and the development of excellent content can help establish a piano instructor’s expertise. We produce regular blog posts for our clients, and can also handle press releases or other types of media.

Contact Us for Info on Piano Lessons SEO

For an independent business owner, time becomes an invaluable resource. Allow Add Positions to award you more time, as we can take over every aspect of your digital marketing. This includes not only the construction of an attractive, informative website, but also complete piano lessons SEO and social media management. Better yet, we remain your partners over the long term, and will handle any website updates or maintenance that you may require. If this all sounds appealing, don’t waste another moment: call Add Positions today at 866-356-8198.