Self Storage Marketing

The self storage industry is surprisingly competitive. With more, larger facilities popping up all the time, a smaller self storage business can disappear into the shadows. This makes self storage marketing all the more important, as it can make the difference for your company’s continued existence. At Add Positions, we specialize in SEO as part of a full digital marketing campaign. If you could benefit from wider exposure and new clients, call us today at 866-356-8198 to learn more.

You can make the argument that digital marketing has supplanted traditional marketing outlets such as print ads, billboards, radio adverts, flyers, and signage. When most people need a service such as self storage, they simply perform a local Google search. From there, reviews and the effectiveness of a company’s website make all the difference. In order to appear in these reviews and make an impact on potential customers, you need expert SEO work and placement within Google Maps. For these services and more, trust the experts at Add Positions.

Self Storage Marketing Keywords

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Choosing The Right Keywords Influences SEO

Proper keyword selection represents a vital component of the SEO process. While some companies make clients choose a selection of keywords, Add Positions optimizes your site for all relevant terms. We manage this through the creation of superior content that effectively and comprehensively describes your range of services. Even with this ability to accommodate more keyword terms, we still practice discernment in our selection.

The key to successful keywords is buyer intent. In other words, you want to have website keywords that accurately reflect a potential customer’s search terms. In addition to buyer intent, we consider a selection of factors when we assign keywords to your site.

  • Volume: An important indicator of a term’s value, volume represents the number of times each month a term is searched.
  • Relevance: This is a measure of association between your services and any given term.
  • Difficulty: This is a numerical ranking that reveals the difficulty of attaining a high rank for a given term.

Even if  you understand how to correctly incorporate search terms, the amount of research needed for proper keyword selection is considerable. Since your time is better spent in the operation of your self storage business, hire the team at Add Positions to manage your keywords. We’ll not only choose relevant, effective terms, but incorporate them into a larger SEO strategy.

Choose Our Team for Digital Marketing

Fierce competition has made digital marketing indispensable for a self-storage operator. Potential clients will undoubtedly perform a local search in order to find a self-storage facility near their home. We can ensure that you appear in Google Maps, and that your website ranks highly among local search results. With self storage marketing from Add Positions, the future for independent proprietors can look a little brighter. To learn more or get started with our services, call 866-356-8198 today.