Tattoo Shop Marketing

Your success as a tattoo artist depends on many factors. You must have a highly discerning eye, for example, and have the ability to expertly render both custom and traditional designs. If you primarily do custom work, your aesthetic and ability to translate it clearly count for a great deal. Through years of experience and a great deal of word-of-mouth support, a tattoo artist can likely build a moderately successful career as part of a studio team. To succeed on another level, however, or as a standalone artist, you need the benefit of professional tattoo shop marketing services from Add Positions.

Like any business, successful tattoo artists rely upon the traffic generated through Google searches. If a potential client wants a custom-designed piece, they will absolutely turn to Google in the absence of personal recommendations. When this occurs, you need the assurance that you will appear near the top of the rankings, both for organic searches and Google Maps. For the accomplishment of both of these and much, much more, trust the SEO experts at Add Positions. To get started, simply call us today at 866-356-8198.

Establish Your Brand

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Outreach Helps Tattoo Parlors Generate Buzz

Businesses that fail to distinguish themselves from the competition will quickly fade into oblivion. Google has almost totally replaced the Yellow Pages as the go-to guide for any local service. In order for today’s tattoo artists to succeed, they must do what it takes to thrive in a digital environment. This requires successful branding, a service we provide as part of our comprehensive marketing strategies. When we design your website, we provide a custom look and fresh content that captures your individuality. We also promote other elements of your brand, including:

  • Instagram: A tattoo artist can benefit a great deal from a lively Instagram presence. Photos of new pieces represent an excellent way to build your brand and grow your stable of clients.
  • Facebook: As for visual representation, the same goes for Facebook. We also take advantage of Facebook’s community exposure to interact directly with your clients.
  • Outreach: Our team further develops your brand through outreach efforts, which include press releases and regular blog posts.
  • Logo: An original logo is very important, as it not only distinguishes you from competitors, but plays to the visual appeal that drives new appointments.

If you want to succeed as a tattoo artist, you need to focus on your actual business, since that is where your experience comes into play. For the components of digital marketing, choose an expert partner in Add Positions. We can take all the aforementioned efforts off your plate, and also design and manage your website. As with all of our work, you can count on continual, ongoing support from our exceptional team.

The Expert for Tattoo Shop Marketing

If you’ve ever wondered why certain competitors achieve more success, it is likely through the leads generated in their digital marketing. If you’ve never experienced the benefits that this service can provide, then you’re shortchanging your business’s growth. To make yourself not only more visible, but more appealing to potential clients, trust in our tattoo shop marketing services. Add Positions is the smart choice for reliable, affordable partner in digital marketing. Call us today at 866-356-8198┬áto learn more.