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Tutor SEO is an indispensable need for professional tutors of English, math, and other subjects. When a client needs a tutor, whether for themselves or a child, they will likely find one through two avenues: personal recommendation, or a Google search. To diversify and grow your clientele, you need the ability to capture these leads. At Add Positions, we create websites for professional tutors that serve as ideal foundations for SEO efforts.

In order to receive the benefits of online leads, you need your website to appear optimized for Google’s search results. If a client in your area searches for a tutor, a lowly ranked website and absence from Google Maps will do you a major disservice. Trust our team for your digital marketing needs, and we’ll cover everything from website construction, the development of quality content, and the management of SEO aspects to achieve the highest results possible. If you’d like to speak to one of our team members, we’re always available for potential clients. Give us a call today at 866-356-8198 to get started.

Tutor SEO Keywords

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Professional Tutors Can Market Services Online

While the design of your website serves as the foundation of SEO, keywords are a primary, active element that directly impacts the number of leads you receive. When it comes to choosing keywords, you want to make sure you consider each possibility within the framework of client intent. Put yourself in the shoes of someone who needs a tutor, and consider what search terms you would use.

Unlike other SEO companies, we do not ask our clients to choose from a selection of keywords. Instead, we produce enough content to support the presence of every beneficial keyword that relates to your services. The team at Add Positions considers a host of factors for the choice of appropriate keywords.

  • Intent: What intention would drive the choice of this keyword? While broader keywords may have a higher search volume, more specific ones will better reflect a client’s intention to hire a tutor.
  • Relevance: Does the keyword actually relate to your services? As a tutor, you probably specialize in certain subjects. For higher relevance, your keywords should reflect what you actually do.
  • Volume: This is a number that represents the approximate number of times a certain keyword was searched in the previous month. Higher volume means more people searched for the term. However, often enough, high volume keywords bear little relevance to your specific services. We carefully choose between between high and low volume keywords, as lower volume search terms are more likely weighted with intent for your service.
  • Difficulty: This last metric showcases the difficulty or rising through the ranks for a particular keyword. High difficulties can indicate keywords to avoid, since you will likely fail to rank against the established domain authority of companies who also use those terms.

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As specialists for tutor SEO, Add Positions knows how to build a website and manage your social media in the most effective manner to generate leads. Digital marketing is a boon for smaller operations, since it can accomplish a great deal without the massive investment required of other far-reaching advertisements. Add Positions offers masterful, affordable service for English and math tutors, and can help build a solo operation into a thriving business. To get started, call us today at 866-356-8198.