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We Market Voice Pros Digitally Through SEO

Many businesses need voice actors for multimedia content distribution. This is especially true with the amount of content published on the internet daily. Decades prior, getting voiceover work was a challenge, and the pool of potential suitors was both limited, and exclusive. The times have changed, and the opportunities have increased for voice actors. But how does a voice professional market their services online? Through search engine optimization (SEO) for voice actors from Add Positions. Our plans are unique for professionals like yourself and include two payment options, each of which is valuable for different reasons. Your payment options include:

  • Month to Month: Pay a fixed fee on a monthly basis
  • Pay Per Lead: Pay only when an exclusive lead is generated

You might think, why would I ever choose monthly, if I have to pay more frequently? Here’s the reality, you may not have to pay more frequently. If leads start flowing in like a tidal wave, you’ll have to pay for each lead. Secondarily, leads in of themselves are more expensive than a fixed monthly payment. But for new voiceover talent, it remains a great option. Since you can’t expect to generate thousands of leads overnight, starting on the PPL plan provides you with risk avoidance. While you’re establishing your presence online, you won’t be paying a dime until an exclusive lead is generated. We also allow all clients to convert their plans at the end of each month.

What Does Voiceover SEO Consist Of?

With either plan, voice actors will receive a deal that works for them. They will get a custom website to promote their services, on page SEO for keyword rankings, social media marketing for brand influence, and Google Maps optimization for local visibility. We also provide website authority building and offer an extension package for multimedia content production like videos and podcasts for your website and 3rd party channels. Of course, since you are a voice professional, you may not need this extension, since you may have that media already in your possession. In cases like these, we can help you embed that media onto your main website. SEO consists of:

  • Custom Web Design
  • Google Maps Optimization
  • On Page SEO
  • Social Media Marketing

Google grades pages based on a variety of factors, none of which are explicitly released to the public. While Google gives us general guidelines of how to rank well on their search engine, there is no official record of their criteria. Several 3rd party entities have conducted studies (us included) on factors that influence rank. But since Google can change at any time, all of these concepts are subject to evolution and, or, obsoletion. By partnering with Add Positions, you have someone in your corner who will stay on top of the latest trends. Furthermore, we’ll execute existing best practices with the utmost precision and skill. With a team of web designers, SEO specialists, social media marketers, and more, we are ready made to perform.

Should I Quit Voice Acting?

Don’t give up. Just because you haven’t dominated your market yet, doesn’t mean you won’t. SEO can be a very powerful tool and one that can separate you from the likes of your competitors. As a independent contractor, like many of you are, it can be frustrating to see lesser talent earn more money. So how do they do it? Through marketing. If you can match and exceed their marketing, that frustration will turn into validation and ultimately satisfaction in knowing the better person won, so to speak.

So why choose us? It’s a fair question. You probably found us on Google search which shows we are marketing to you specifically. Some marketers will use templates and fill in a keyword like voice actor, to try to make it seem like the page was created specifically for your industry. Google has gotten smarter at detecting trashy content like that, and has started to favor pages like this one instead. So if you’re reading this, it’s because Google trusts us enough to rank our content for your search query. We would love to have your business. Call 866-356-8198 to sign up for SEO services for voice actors.