Yoga Studio Marketing

At Add Positions, we’re the SEO experts for the growth and solidification of a dedicated yoga studio clientele. Our services can help your business establish itself among the upper ranks of local Google search results. Since most potential clients find their home yoga studio through a local Google search, yoga studio marketing and SEO represent indispensable services. A business with a strong foundation in expert-developed SEO will appear in both the upper echelons of organic search rankings, and also on Google Maps.

At Add Positions, we’re your dedicated partners for this work. Most business owners have only a vague understanding of SEO, and associate it primarily with the use of targeted keywords. To optimize your yoga studio within Google’s search engine results, keywords are important; however, much more goes into SEO than the simple research and optimization of search phrases. To learn more about what Add Positions can offer in regards to yoga studio marketing, give us a call today at 866-356-8198.

What We Do

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Yoga Studios Can Appear on Local Searches

In addition to the use of targeted keywords, SEO is comprised of a few different components. Visibility ahead of your competitors stands as the primary goal, and necessitates dedicated, expert help. At Add Positions, we handle every element of proper SEO development, including:

  • Schema Microdata: To optimize your site for Google’s crawling and indexing, we include relevant tags.
  • Domain Authority: In addition to work on your website itself, we develop the indispensable external sources that promote a higher domain authority.
  • Custom Design: Unlike other SEO companies, we custom design each and every client’s website.
  • Exceptional Content: Our expert writers have the knowledge and skills necessary to create authoritative, grammatically correct content for your site.

If you’ve wondered where to find a dependable company for the affordable development of these qualities, look no further than Add Positions. We see SEO not as a standalone, one-time endeavor, but rather as a synergistic, ongoing effort comprised of several different elements. In order for a yoga studio to survive in today’s competitive market, it must receive the benefits of consistent digital marketing. From social media, to Google Maps and the management of your website, Add Positions stands as the smart choice.

How to Distinguish Your Yoga Studio

As with any business, success as a yoga studio depends on much more than the quality of your service and word-of-mouth recommendations. While both of these have obvious importance, today’s competitive market also requires exceptional digital branding. Your website must be clean, informative, and attractive, as almost every potential client will encounter your digital presence in advance of a visit to your studio. Social media also matters a great deal, as today’s successful yoga studios place a heavy emphasis on the existence of a lively, energetic community. Thankfully, Add Positions offers a catch-all solution to these issues and more. We are the comprehensive solution to the development of your yoga studio’s brand. Proper branding allows you to stand out among a sea of competition, and consists of:

  • Facebook: We manage your Facebook account as an important element of your business’s success. Live video could include footage of classes, or instructional videos created through the partnership of your team.
  • Instagram: Potential yoga students value the visual element. We manage your Instagram to promote your studio’s everyday business and special events alike.
  • Logos: We both design and employ a customized, recognizable, and attractive logo for your studio.
  • Outreach: A truly successful yoga studio is both a popular destination for daily practice, and an authoritative source for blogs and other informational content.

Your Expert Source for Yoga Studio Marketing

The effort to develop, grow, and sustain your yoga studio depends a great deal on your enthusiasm, expertise, and talent. It also depends on successful digital marketing and the development of your own brand. However, as a small business owner, you only have so many hours in the day. Through a partnership with Add Positions, you can focus on what you do best, and leave the digital components to us. Together, we can develop and maintain a strategy for your permanent success. To learn more about our professional services for yoga studio marketing, call Add Positions today at 866-356-8198.